Shower Room Hardware Finish - Polished Nickel

Shower Room Hardware Finish - Polished Nickel

The surface treatment of shower room hardware, including shower hinges, door handles, doorknobs, etc., or other household hardware, is usually applied to basic materials such as brass metal by electroplating. Finishes may be more expensive if they are hand-polished, as this will give the hardware a more natural look. Finished hardware not only prevents corrosion on the surface of the hardware but also prevents the surface from showing signs of wear. Therefore, surface treatment plays a very important role in hardware.


Nickel is a silvery-white metal with magnetism and good plasticity. It has good corrosion resistance, medium hardness, good ductility, and ferromagnetic metal elements. It can be highly polished and corrosion-resistant. Its chemical properties are more active, but it is more stable than iron. It is difficult to oxidize in air at room temperature. It is insoluble in water and forms a dense oxide film on the surface in humid air at room temperature, which can prevent the continuous oxidation of the bulk metal.

Polished Nickel

Polished Nickel is nickel-plated brass and then polished to a shiny and reflective surface. The polished nickel finish is an excellent substitute for your polished chrome finish. Polished Nickel makes the hardware surface smooth and shiny. Polished Nickel is a slightly reflective finish, which makes the Polished Nickel have a light yellow tone. Compared with Polished Chrome finish, Polished Nickel is not as bright and white as chrome, but a little darker than chrome. At the same time, Polished Nickel may show different colors in a different light. For those who want to present a delicate appearance in decoration, choosing Polished Nickel hardware is the right choice.

Merit: Polished Nickel, much like chrome, is very durable and can be used for a long time in the shower room. At the same time, it is easy to clean and maintain. Polished Nickel does not need any special chemicals to clean. It only needs mild soap and warm water to keep the hardware surface clean.

Demerit: This surface treatment is usually more expensive than Brushed Nickel. At the same time, it does not match with other accessories because Polished Nickel likes to be the main feature, which is difficult to match perfectly with other metals and fixture finishes. Furthermore, like other smooth reflective finishes, Polished Nickel tends to show fingerprints and watermarks more clearly and must be cleaned regularly to maintain their shiny appearance.

The above are all about a shower room finish Polished Nickel, In the next article, we will continue to talk more finish about shower room hardware. Comments are welcome and let me know what you think.

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