Why Do Frameless Shower Quotes Vary Between Companies?

Why Do Frameless Shower Quotes Vary Between Companies?

The frameless shower door is the trend in the home decoration market. The prices of shower door companies vary, sometimes greatly. The price of a shower door depends on various factors.

1. Glass thickness

Frameless glass doors need to have a certain thickness to support their own weight without a frame. Glass thickness is an important factor affecting the cost of frameless glass doors. The thicker the glass of the shower room is, the higher the price; the thinner the glass, the lower the price.
  • 8mm: It is lighter and more affordable but still durable.
  • 10mm: This glass is thicker than 8mm and safer. It also provides a more advanced appearance, so it needs stronger bathroom door hardware to support it - the weight of the glass limits the height and width of the door.

2. Glass type and color

The glass shower door can be customized for various colors, styles, and types of glass, such as - standard transparent glass, rain flower glass, opaque glass, etc. Frameless doors can also be protected with paint to make them more resistant to dirt and easier to clean. So different types of frameless shower doors affect their prices.
Frameless glass door
Frameless glass door

3. Materials, design, and finishes of glass hardware fittings

Glass hardware fittings play a very important role in the overall function and aesthetics. Hardware accessories of different materials have different prices. For example, glass hardware fittings made of stainless steel are more expensive than aluminum materials because of the high corrosion resistance of stainless steel. And the glass door hardware made of brass is the most expensive and also the best quality. In addition to its beautiful appearance, the brass glass door components are not easy to corrode and sag.

The glass hardware fittings include the handle, pull rod, hinge, guide rail, etc. A handle with a simple design is easier to make and more affordable than a handle with a complex design. Similarly, the complexity of the pull rod shape affects its price. If the shape is simple, the price is affordable. The price of a polished hinge is different from that of an unpolished hinge. Polished hinges are more expensive than unpolished hinges.


In a word, the price of a frameless shower door is determined by the glass thickness, glass type, and materials of hardware fittings. We are a manufacturer specializing in providing hardware accessories for shower rooms. If you are interested in our glass hardware accessories, you can contact us at loire@loire-hardware.com any time!

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