Advantages of Sliding Shower Door

Advantages of Sliding Shower Door

If you are tired of your shower curtain, you can install a sliding shower door  Kit in the bathroom. If installed properly, a sliding door can add a stylish look to your bathroom and is more efficient than curtains. You can also decorate the surrounding doors more easily. You don't have to worry about the mismatch between the shower curtain and the interior decoration.

The sliding shower door is an additional door installed near the bathtub or shower room. The track is installed on the pipe of the shower door. When you open the shower door, one door will move behind the other door. According to your choice and budget, you can choose glass doors or acrylic doors.

Sliding shower doors Sliding doors are the perfect choice for small bathrooms where every space needs to be counted. You can take it by creating a corner compartment to save more space. Although most corner compartments have a swing door, there is a trend to use round compartments or double sliding doors for more accurate half-circle corner compartments.

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Even a frameless sliding door usually requires more hardware than a revolving door. The rest of the shower is the frame, like a traditional sliding unit, with metal sliding channels on the top and bottom.

Sliding rails must be smoothly pushed and pulled and have good sealing. Wheels, wheel seats, and rails are difficult to judge with the naked eye for resistance to pressure and weight. The main purpose is to observe whether the nesting between the pulley and the rail and the glass is good, the gap is small, and the sliding is smooth. , The wheel seat of the pulley should be made of materials with good pressure resistance and load-bearing. The sealing of the wheel seat is good and water vapor will not easily enter the wheel, and the smoothness of the wheel is guaranteed.

It is worth mentioning that we recommend the Loire sliding door S016 with a two-way damping buffer system, which is very popular now.

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