How To Choose Door Knobs For Shower Doors

The shower in your bathroom is an effective way to enhance the value of your home and improve the ambiance. However, over time, glass hardware fittings in your shower may occur some problems such as broken handles, leaks

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Pivot shower door installation guide

The installation of the rotary shower door can add style and value to any bathroom. Different from the push-pull bathtub or shower door, the installation of the rotary shower door is more complicated due to the design

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Installation Procedure of Sliding Glass Door Lock

  In many houses, sliding glass doors are installed on balconies or bathrooms. Sliding glass doors have many advantages. They are simple and generous, do not take up space, and have good use effect. Therefore, wh

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How long does a bathroom renovation take?

Bathroom renovation is definitely not an overnight task, which requires a lot of time and energy. If you plan to renovate your master bathroom, there are many questions to consider. One of the most important questions

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