Standard Duty Shower Hinges

Standard Duty Shower Hinges

It is very important to choose suitable shower hinges in proper duty for shower rooms or glass doors. For example, install a standard duty hinge on a high-traffic, abused, or heavy door. The result is that you won't enjoy the long-lasting benefits that the right hinge can deliver. So, where is the standard duty shower hinges should be applied?

To select the right hinge, first, you need to consider both door weight and frequency of use, which is simply a measure of how often the door opens and closes, or how much traffic it gets. Then combine the frequency with the door's weight. This load/frequency rating will determine whether you need standard duty shower hinges or heavy duty shower hinges. 

All in all, standard duty shower hinges are the best options for low- frequency (10 times per day or less) or medium-frequency (10-24 times per day) doors up to 200 lb, without frame or door reinforcement.

Install the right-duty hinge, and you'll be much happier in the long run. If you're still not sure which duty you need, contact us for help.

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