Shower Glass Clamps

Shower Glass Clamps

Choosing shower door clamps play a significant role in the installation and design of your shower. The glass door hardware you select to secure the other glass panels together impacts the final look of your frameless shower design as well as the final cost.

Our collection of shower glass clamps are suitable for all types of shower configurations, including wall to glass configurations and glass to glass configurations.

Shower glass clamps also named shower glass clips or brackets, keep stationary panels secure in frameless showers enclosures. No matter glass-to-wall clamps, corner clamps (where the glass meets at 90 degrees), or neo angle clamps (where the glass meets at 135 degrees), all of our shower glass clamps are made of premium metal materials with shine and durable finishes. 

Loire has a full range of coatings, such as matt black, gold, brass, and so on, to add a modern touch to your frameless glass fixings. Besides, like our shower glass hinges, we offer shower glass clamps in straight, beveled, square corner, and other styles. Keep browser to find more surprises!

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