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All Products

Loire offers a wide range of glass hardware accessories, including shower hinges, glass door clamps, shower door knobs, shower door pull handles & towel bars, and more to satisfy all your needs on bathroom design.

When you choose to purchase Loire's glass hardware products, you will get:

Quality: We focus on the high-quality construction of our bathroom hardware products. All of our products are designed and manufactured with an emphasis on durability and performance.

Availability: With our advanced production technology, we can achieve mass manufacturing in an efficient way while ensuring the high quality of our products. No backorder or shipping delays.

Professional Service: Get professional product support from our specialists. Whether you're calling with product or sales questions or for technical support, our sales and product support teams are here to help you with any needs you have.

Standard Duty Shower Hinges L-2121

Standard Duty Square Wall to Glass Wall Mount Full Back Plate Shower Hinge

door knobs L-2801

Round Shape Shower Glass Door Knob Glass Door Hardware

Back to Back 19mm diameter Pull handleL-2846

19mm Diameter Round Tubing Back To Back Shower Pull Handle With Washers

Back to Back Pull handle Mitered Corner 19mm diameter Tubing L-2846A

19mm Diameter Round Tubing Mitered Corner Back To Back Shower Pull Handle With Washers

Shower door pull handles L-2856

19mm Square Tubing Back To Back Shower Door Pull Handle Without Washers

Heavy Duty Shower Hinges L-5111

Heavy Duty Wall to Glass COLOGNE Wall Mount Full Back Plate Shower Hinge

Heavy Duty Shower hinges L-5112

Heavy Duty Wall to Glass COLOGNE Wall Mount Offset Back Plate Shower Hinge

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