Advantages and disadvantages of the corner shower doors

Advantages and disadvantages of the corner shower doors

Corner shower doors are a common and trendy part of bathroom design. It has two glass panels and two walls is a corner shower door, simply put, a shower door installed in the corner of a bathroom is a corner shower door. Read on in this article to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of corner shower doors.


1. Ideal for small bathrooms

If you are installing a corner shower in a small house, the dimensions can be as small as 32 inches square, 34 inches square, or 36 inches square. Corner shower doors therefore work very well in small bathrooms.

2. Make a small bathroom look more spacious

If your shower space is too compact, you need to do everything possible to make it look bigger and brighter. For this purpose, corner showers can come into their own, as the glass doors on both sides or on multiple sides create a more open look than an alcove shower.

3. A wide range of design options

Corner showers come in a variety of shapes and you can choose from a range of different styles, sizes and shapes (i.e.neo-angle, square, rectangular and curved shower enclosures).


1. Not friendly to hunky people

Corner showers can cause problems for hunky people, as the small size can put you at risk of injury as your elbows hit the sides of the shower door.

2. Risk of water spillage

Due to the limited space available in smaller corner showers, there is a risk of water spillage if the shower door is not fitted or sealed properly.

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