Advantages of Installing Wall-Mounted Toilet

Advantages of Installing Wall-Mounted Toilet

The wall-mounted toilet hides the water tank in the wall, leaving only the light barrel, which visually has a sense of suspension. It is light, high-grade and clean. It is the perfect choice for those who like minimalism. Let's take a look at the benefits of installing a wall-mounted toilet.

1. The Wall Mounted Toilet is Different From Other Toilets

They are hung on the wall. The gravity point of the wall-mounted toilet uses the force conduction principle to transfer gravity to the steel support of the toilet. In addition, the steel support is a high-density material that can support a weight of at least 400 kg.

2. Dark Tiles are Spliced on the Whole Wall to Create a Floor Effect

The wall-mounted bathroom is separated by the glass to prevent more water from gradually reaching the bathroom during the shower. The toilet adopts an L-shaped structure. It is equipped with a hidden sewage system and has the function of storage. All kinds of articles are neatly stored in the storage box.
Wall-Mounted Toilet
Wall-Mounted Toilet

3. Enlarge bathroom

The flush button on the toilet can not only hide a little but also give the bathroom additional space to handle it.

4. 360 ° Clean, no Tricky Angle

The traditional toilet is easy to breed bacteria, and the wall-mounted toilet is easy to clean and maintain.

5. The Toilet is Easy to Move and not Restricted by the Layout

The wall-mounted toilet water tank is on the wall, which takes up little space and can be placed at will. The sound of flushing is masked by the wall, and the noise is relatively low.

These are the advantages of installing wall-mounted toilets. If you don't have a toilet at home, consider a wall-mounted toilet, which is a good choice.

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