Analysis of installation guidelines for bathroom mirrors

Analysis of installation guidelines for bathroom mirrors

To appreciate its beauty at any time, people usually install a mirror that can be forgotten at any time. However, you cannot ignore the installation strategy of bathroom mirrors, otherwise, you will miss the opportunity to appreciate yourself. There are some installation details in the installation strategy of bathroom mirrors. It is recommended that installation personnel avoid installation traps to improve installation quality and visual effects. For detailed information, please refer to the following.

1. Install Optional Bathroom Mirrors

1.1 Before this, plan the installation location of the bathroom mirror, measure the corresponding space, and then purchase the required size of the mirror.

1.2 Check the installation environment. The walls should be kept clean and dry. If there is dust and water vapor, it should be prepared in advance to not affect the installation.

2. Bathroom Mirror Height

2.1 In the bathroom, people usually stand and look in the mirror, so it is necessary to pay attention to the height of the hanging. The distance between the bathroom mirror and the ground exceeds 135 centimeters.

2.2 If there is a significant difference in height among family members, adjustments can be made up and down appropriately. The trick is to place a person's face in the middle of a mirror so that the image can work better. Keep the center of the mirror 160-165 centimeters above the ground.

3. Fixation Method for Bathroom Mirrors

3.1 Firstly, measure the distance of the hook behind the mirror and mark the corresponding position on the wall. After measuring the size, use an electric drill to drill holes at the marked position.

3.2 If it is a ceramic tile wall, first use a glass drill to drill the tiles, and then use an impact drill or electric hammer to drill 3 centimeters. After drilling, place the plastic expansion pipe directly, screw in a 3cm self-destructive screw, with a height of 0.5cm, and finally hang the mirror and slowly adjust it to the appropriate position.

4. Hydraulic Drilling is Commonly used for Drilling

When drilling, to protect the wall, try not to damage it as much as possible, especially when hanging a mirror on a ceramic tile wall, and choose to drill holes in the joints of the material to avoid damaging the sandwich wall.

5. Fixation method of Glass Adhesive

If fixing the mirror with glass glue, neutral glue should be chosen instead of acidic glass glue. Acid glass glue usually reacts with the material on the back of the mirror, causing spots on the mirror.
Before applying glue, it is best to conduct compatibility testing to see if the glue is compatible with the material, and then use special mirror glue. This will have better results.

6. Bathroom Lights

Installing bathroom mirror lights usually requires an appropriate lighting combination, so the front and rear lights of the mirror are very important. When installing bathroom mirror headlights, to prevent glare, a screen can be installed on the frosted glass surface or lighting can be selected.

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