Causes and solutions of glass shower door fogging

Causes and solutions of glass shower door fogging

The glass shower door is very elegant. No matter what kind of glass shower doors you choose, you should try your best to keep them clean. If there is fog on the glass shower door, you will not be able to see the bathroom clearly. This can be annoying and even cause anxiety. To better understand why your shower is atomized and what you can do, please refer to the following guidelines.

1. Soap scum

The glass door is smooth, but the thick and sticky texture makes it easy for soap to accumulate on it. Bath and shower cleaners can prevent soap from accumulating and remove the lighter soap scum layer, but the heavier soap layer needs something stronger. Because you can't use a paint scraper to remove the thick layer of soap residue on the glass, you need a detergent to remove soap residue. Spray this detergent heavily on the glass. Let it drip down and wait a few minutes. Then wipe it clean.

2. Trapped moist air

This is a problem never encountered by high-quality glass shower doors; Trapped moist air. The poor quality glass shower door has two pieces of glass that are almost fused together to produce the correct weight and clarity. Unfortunately, this leaves some very small space between the fused panes. After hundreds of hot showers, the trapped air becomes moist, condenses on the inner glass surface, and then forms a continuous fog. In this case, there is nothing to do except to buy a higher quality glass shower door and replace the poor quality glass shower door. Obviously, you can't extract the trapped moist air, and you can't break the shower door to release the air. Worst of all, if you try to break the glass and think you can fix the door, you will actually make the problem worse.

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