Choosing a sliding or hinged glass shower doors?

Choosing a sliding or hinged glass shower doors?

People have many choices when choosing shower doors. However, people often wonder whether to choose a sliding shower door or a hinged shower door. Both of them have the characteristics of keeping water in an enclosed space, but what is the difference between them? We have organized this article to discuss the merits and demerits of both.

Sliding Shower Door

Sliding glass shower doors also referred to as bypass doors, are one of the most commonly used styles on the market. The sliding glass shower door has 2-3 glass panels that can be opened or closed by sliding through the track. They usually have rails at the bottom and two vertical sides.


Seamless Appearance: sliding glass doors, especially frameless doors, do not block light and help transform the bathroom area into a coherent unit. The large glass panel and hardware match your shower room, and the sliding shower door provides a beautiful and seamless aesthetic.  

Suitable for small shower rooms: Sliding glass shower doors have the function of sliding opening rather than swinging. For smaller shower room , sliding glass shower doors are a good space-saving choice because they are practical and compact.  

Functional Handles: Similar to the towel bar, the handle of the sliding shower door can also be used to hang towels and clothes for easy access. The handle usually spans one side of the door.


Difficult to Clean: Although sliding glass doors are easier to clean from the inside, cleaning hardware and tracks can be a bit tricky. The bottom metal track where the drum is located will accumulate soapy water, dirt, and rust over time. If you don't often clean the tracks, it will stick to the door.  

Limited Space for Entry: Limited access space: since the doors are fixed and slide&roll with each other, the space to enter the shower room becomes limited.  

More maintenance required: Since sliding shower doors usually with metal tracks, the metal will eventually rust over time. Therefore, the sliding shower door needs daily maintenance to keep it running smoothly.  


Hinged Glass Shower Doors

Hinged glass shower doors are known for their ability to open outward. A hinged glass shower doors with pivot hinges (fixed from top-to-bottom for rotational movement) or side-mount hinges (similar to the hinges on the front door) are popular choices for independent showers. Hinged shower door is usually used for the  shower with a width less than 60 inches.


An aesthetic appearance: The hinged shower door has a large glass panel that can be opened and closed, providing a clean and simple aesthetics for any style of the shower room.  

Large opening: Because hinged shower doors can open outward at an angle of 90 degrees, they provide safe, wide, and open access for people with mobility difficulties.

Easy to clean: there is no track like sliding door at the bottom of a hinged door. Therefore, it is easier to clean and maintain these shower glass doors than sliding doors.  


Not suitable for small bathrooms: Since the hinged door opens outwards, more space is required forward. If your bathroom is small, this may be a problem.  

Water may overflow: For hinged shower doors, water leakage is a common problem. When you open the door after showering, water may overflow the floor outside the bathroom. So, after taking a shower, you need to take some time to absorb the water.



whether choosing sliding or hinged shower doors, the size & area of the shower room is an important factor. If you are still hovering between these two styles, here are some suggestions for you: if you have a smaller bathroom, to choose sliding shower doors:if you need a bigger shower, to hinged shower doors: if simple cleaning and maintenance requirements are important to you, Consider hinged shower doors.

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