Choosing framed or frameless shower door?

Choosing framed or frameless shower door?

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The bathroom is an essential part of every family. It has the function of maintaining personal hygiene. The bathroom and shower area can also reflect personal style. Regardless of your style preference and bathroom design, choosing the type of shower door is an essential link. There are many different types of shower doors on the market, among which framed and frameless shower doors are the most common. In order to further understand each type of shower door, let's deeply compare frameless and frameless shower doors.

1.Flameless shower doors

If you want a modern style, you can choose a frameless shower room for your bathroom. These designs have two or three pieces of glass flush with the wall, so there are no metal strips at the top or bottom. Only the wall supports the edges and corners of the shell. Such a bathroom room looks like a smooth, seamless and open space. At the same time, if your shower room is relatively small, you can choose Frameless Shower door, which is a good choice, because the frameless design of Frameless Shower door can make our bathroom look more spacious and bright visually.

The Frameless Shower door has unobtrusive rubber ends on the track and both sides, which can prevent water from splashing on the floor. These functions allow the door to be safely closed to prevent leakage. In addition, because the door has no metal parts, it is not easy to rust. This means that you clean it regularly and don't have to worry about changing the frame in the future.

2.Flamed shower door

On the contrary, there is a metal frame around the whole perimeter of the framed shower door, and the glass is embedded in it. Similar to the frameless setting, the framed shower door also has a hinge system, which can be rotated and opened, and a sliding system. Both panels can move independently.

If the budget is insufficient, a framed shower door is a good choice. Because the installation steps of the framed shower door are relatively simple, it is also relatively cheap at the price, and even you can install it yourself to save costs. At the same time, it is also very important that there is less possibility of damaging ceramic tiles in the process of installing frameless shower door.

The above is all about today’s articles, hoping you have learned enough knowledge to make a wise decision on which type of shower door is more suitable for you. Comments are welcome and let me know what you think.

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