Different options for separating dry and wet areas in the bathroom

Different options for separating dry and wet areas in the bathroom

Now the separation of dry and wet areas is a popular trend in bathroom decoration, but why has the separation of dry and wet areas been emphasized?

First of all, for sensory level, the traditional bathroom that does not separate dry and wet areas will be flooded with water once you take a bath or wash clothes. The wet ground will make you feel messy and inconvenient to walk. The second is hygiene and health. The area of the bathroom is generally not large, but rather dark. In addition, the perennial humid environment will accelerate the growth of bacteria. Another point is that damp environment will accelerate the loss of bathroom furniture. In recent years, intelligent bathroom has become popular, and the impact of water vapor on intelligent bathroom furniture that requires electricity may also cause potential safety hazards. The significance of the separation of dry and wet areas is to overcome the problems of the traditional toilet mentioned above.

How should the owner of a small apartment do dry and wet separation? In fact, it is a matter of method. Different types of bathrooms can also have separate wet and dry bathrooms as long as the right shower room is selected. So, what kind of shower room can you choose for different apartment types?

Small apartment

The core of dry and wet separation for small apartments is to save space, and the space-saving shower room type are the diamond and fan shapes.

Ordinary apartment

In the choice of shower room, it is still mainly simple and practical, such as double sliding doors and square shape shower rooms.

Big house

If a large apartment needs to be separated from wet and dry areas, it is recommended to choose a T-shaped shower room. The T-shaped shower room can divide the shower space into two parts. One side can take a shower, and the other side can be used as a steam room or a special intelligent toilet. It is practical and stylish.

The separation of dry and wet should have different operations in different house types. Small houses are more space saving, while large houses should not waste space.

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