Features of various shower rooms

Features of various shower rooms

Shower room with swing door: suitable for large bathrooms.

The swing door is relatively large, so it is more convenient and easier to open and close the door. It is beneficial for users to enter and exit the shower room, but it will occupy the bathroom space when opening and closing the door. If other bathroom accessories are placed in the bathroom, then collisions can easily occur.

Framed shower room: the frame has long service life and does not need to change accessories frequently.

The framed shower room is made of aluminum frame, tempered glass and basic accessories. The aluminum frame supports the overall frame, just like the bone. The fixed glass is more stable, so there is no need to replace accessories frequently, and the service life is relatively long. But the style is relatively old-fashioned, easy to get dirty, difficult to clean, and easy to leak when the seal is not tight.

Sliding door shower room: it does not occupy too much space but requires high quality of the sliding rail

The sliding door shower room does not take up space and is more suitable for families with small bathrooms. Because the sliding door often slides, so the quality requirements of the slide rail must be very high, otherwise the sliding door is not smooth and easy to explode. And the groove of the slide rail is easy to accumulate water and dust , so it must be cleaned regularly.

Frameless shower room: simple, transparent and extended vision.

The Frameless Shower room is indeed more popular in the market. It uses hardware instead of the aluminum frame to connect the glass, which is more simple and transparent in appearance. However, the waterproof sealing strip that must be used is easy to age, and it is more troublesome to replace it regularly. The hardware installation requirements are high, and poor installation will lead to uneven stress and self explosion. In addition, the selection of sliding doors for frameless shower rooms should consider the structural strength of the walls. If the wall of bathroom is a light partition wall, at least foam cement shall be poured into the wall to ensure safe use.

In addition to the choice of basic styles, the steam shower room is also under discussion. It adds many intelligent settings such as sound, massage, sauna and steam, etc. If you plan to buy it, you must have a large bathroom space, and you must leave a socket when arranging water and electricity, and pay attention to moisture-proof at the same time.

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