Find the Best Glass Door Hinges For Bathroom

Find the Best Glass Door Hinges For Bathroom

Glass hardware products, especially shower door hinges, are easy to ignore until you can’t help to notice them. Glass door hinges for your bathroom need to be able to withstand a high moisture environment and function well. If your shower hinge corrodes and breaks, you're facing a gigantic, dangerous mess. Here are serval high-performance frameless shower hinges recommended for your bathroom.

Standard Duty Shower Hinges

As mentioned above, choosing the right type of glass door hinges for your bathroom/shower room is very vital. For example, if you install a standard duty shower hinge on a high-traffic, heavy door. The result is that it will not be able to carry the load and will easily break, increasing the replacement cost. So, where should standard load shower hinges be applied?

How to choose the most suitable frameless shower hinges? You need to consider both the weight of the door and the frequency of use - how often the door opens and closes or how much traffic the door gets. Then combine the frequency with the weight of the door. This load/frequency rating will determine whether you need standard duty shower hinges or heavy duty shower hinges.

In summary, standard shower hinges are the best choice for low-frequency (10 times per day or less) or medium-frequency (10-24 times per day) doors that weigh no more than 200 pounds and do not require reinforcement of the frame or door.

Adjustable Heavy Duty Shower Hinges with Covers

Adjustable Heavy Duty Shower Hinges with Covers

Adjustable Heavy Duty Shower Hinges with Covers

Generally, our heavy duty shower hinges can withstand doors up to 50kg, which is a reliable choice to relieve you of worries and meet all your glass door needs.

Made from top-quality metal raw materials, Loire adjustable heavy duty shower hinges with cover are available in a variety of styles and durable finishes to ensure years of like-new appearance. Easily installed for many installation conditions, glass to glass shower door hinges are ideal for most shower doors.

This adjustable heavy duty shower hinge has a cover that protects the interior structure from water, rust and corrosion. This keeps the shower hinges functioning properly while maintaining a smooth and attractive appearance. And it is superior to similar products on the market in terms of features, functionality, and durability.

Pivot Shower Hinge


  • Designed For 5/16" (8mm) or 3/8"(10mm) Glass

  • Solid Forged Brass Construction

  • Match Stainless Steel Alan Style Clamp Screws (Alan Wrench Included) And Philips Screws

  • Full Rotation

  • Maximum Door Weight is 45KG.

  • Fixed The Glass on the Wall or Floor

Pivot Shower Hinges
Pivot Shower Hinges




Glass door hinge/shower hinge/glass hinge/door hinge


Shower hinge/shower clamp





Pearl Cotton Bag+ Inner Whie Box+ Carton 



0/90/135/180 degree


Glass door




Glass Door thickness   


Hinge thickness  



Payment Term









All in all, the best frameless shower hinges and glass to glass shower door hinges are what really can meet your needs perfectly. If you're still not sure how to choose the glass door hinges, contact us today at for more information! Loire is one of the leading shower door hinges manufacturers & suppliers in China, providing excellent finishes, outstanding quality, and durability for your various requirements.

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