Guide to Choosing Shower Room Accessories

Guide to Choosing Shower Room Accessories

Many families like to install a shower room in the bathroom in order to bring a better shower experience and realize the separation of dry and wet areas. There are many accessories that make up the shower room, and the role of each accessory cannot be ignored. Let's take a look at how to choose shower room accessories!

The quality of the shower room pulley directly affects the use of the entire shower room. Once the pulley fails, the whole shower room will be unusable. Therefore, it is recommended to choose 304 stainless steel for the pulleys, and the gap between the guide rail and the pulley should not be greater than 1mm, otherwise it is easy to jump off the rails. There is no doubt that glass can not only play the role of partition, but also can beauty the bathroom. Shower rooms are used frequently, so it is necessary to be very careful when purchasing glass. It is recommended to choose certified tempered glass and those with explosion-proof film and nano self-cleaning coating. The thickness of the glass should be 8-10 mm. If it is too thin, the strength is not enough, and if it is too thick, the service life of hardware will be affected.

There are two main aspects to consider when purchasing a handle. One is the overall shape of the handle. In the decoration of the shower room, the quality and shape of the handle can give people a sense of beauty. Another aspect is the material of the handle. It is recommended to choose 304 stainless steel handle, which is strong and durable, and it should also be processed by polishing and chamfering, so that we will not be hurt when opening the door.

For the frame design of the shower room, I believe many people have the impression that it is bright silver. In recent years, in some of the modern and elegant bathroom design collocation, there has been a new color collocation element - black. This black-framed shower room and gray-white space can often create a modern and dignified sense of luxury. This is also a good choice.

The above are some aspects that we need to concern about when choosing shower room accessories, we hope it will help you!


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