How many types of glass doors are there?

How many types of glass doors are there?

In modern times, people use glass more and more widely, and it can be seen everywhere in daily life. And glass doors are not unfamiliar to everyone, because glass doors have excellent lighting. It is widely used in shopping malls, office buildings, shopping malls, office buildings and other places. In fact, glass doors are also classified.

The glass door is a special kind of door leaf. In terms of thickness, it is not enough for a solid door, and it is not a special-shaped door. It is a relatively special type of door leaf, and the characteristics of a glass door are determined by the characteristics of the glass itself. Roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Safety glass door

Two, induction glass door

Three, decorative glass door

Four, coating coated glass door

Five, energy-saving glass doors

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