How many types of shower hinges?

How many types of shower hinges?

Shower hinges are an important part of a shower door. A shower door hinge is a piece of hardware used to support a shower door, allowing it to run smoothly and easily. Different types of hinges are used for different purposes, read on to learn more about the types of shower hinges and how they work.

1. Back plate shower hinges

Back plate shower hinges are one of the most widely used types of shower door hinges. Back plate shower hinges, can only be used where the shower door is mounted on the wall. This type of shower hinge consists of two metal plates, joined at a 90 degree angle. One of the metal plates is screwed to the wall, while the other metal plate wraps around the glass door. The two metal leaves are offset from each other so that the glass does not hit the back plate. Back plate shower hinges are are the least expensive shower hinges.

2. Pivot shower hinges

Pivot shower hinges consist of metal sleeves for the top and bottom of the shower door. These sleeves connect the door to a metal rod or pivot which is mounted on the floor and ceiling around the door. The pivots transfer the weight of the door to the floor, allowing the user to support very heavy or thick glass doors effectively with relative ease. Amongst other types of shower hinges, pivots represent a mid-range option in the price range of shower hinges, with a cost somewhere between a back plate shower hinge and a glass-to-glass shower hinge.

3.Glass-to-glass shower hinges

Glass-to-glass shower hinges are characterised by two metal plates joined on a flat surface to support the weight of the glass door without relying on the glass. The glass-to-glass shower door hinge is visually pleasing, but it is also the least conspicuous. Glass-to-glass shower hinges are the most expensive of all shower door hinges.

3. Self-closing shower hinges 

Self-closing shower hinges are are ideal for all types of swing doors. The self-closing hinge works by automatically closing when it senses that the connecting object is no longer exerting pressure on it. It is characterised by a spring inside the hinge section which extends when the connected object rotates. The spring then pulls the connected object back into the closed position. They are easy to close and can be adjusted to suit any door size, shape and design.

If you want to buy shower door hinges you can choose from a wide range of shower door hinges depending on the design and layout of the room and the shower itself. Loire hardware offer various types of shower door hinges. The standard back plate shower hinges are the most affordable option, while the glass to glass shower hinge offer a more decorative design. Pivots shower hinge can be used to create a sleek look and are also able to hold more weight than other hinge designs.

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