How much do you know about Shower hinges?

How much do you know about Shower hinges?

1. The function of the Shower hinges.

The Shower hinges can hang the door leaf support to realize the rotation of the door leaf. Some special types of hinges realize additional special functions such as thread-passing hinges and self-closing hinges.

2. What are the types of Shower hinges?

Hinges are divided into different categories, which can be divided into adjustable hinges and non-adjustable hinges, removable hinges and non-removable hinges, one-way hinges and two-way hinges, fire-resistant hinges and non-fire-resistant hinges, surface mounted hinges, embedded hinges And concealed hinges, hinges for steel-wood structure doors, hinges for narrow-side profile doors, and hinges for full glass doors. Jack-up hinges, anti-theft hinges, medical hinges, threaded hinges and other types.

3. The main performance indicators of Shower hinges.

The main performance index of the Shower hinges is the carrying capacity, generally 10 Kg is a grade unit. Other properties of the hinge include service life, corrosion resistance and so on. It relies on different standard systems and test methods.

Shower hinges

4. Whether the bearing capacity of the Shower hinges is related to the size of the hinge.

The physical size of the hinge is related to its carrying capacity. Generally speaking, the stronger the bearing capacity of the hinge, the greater the value of the hinge height, hinge shaft diameter and sheet thickness.

5. Why should the hinge be greased?

Some of the structure of the hinge is a combination of hinge shaft and reel lubrication. In order to reduce friction, lubricating oil needs to be added to it. In addition, when the machining accuracy is not high, the gap between the hinge shaft and the reel is relatively large. Therefore, if the lubricating oil is not added, the hinge page will shake violently to compensate for the lubricating oil.

6. Why does black grease appear even after using a grease hinge for a period of time?

After the hinges have been running for a period of time, the viscosity of the added grease will decrease, which is prone to leakage. At the same time, the shaft core and reel of the hinge will be worn to a certain degree. When the wear is severe, a lot of black iron powder will be produced, and the grease will be Turn black. Therefore, depending on the oil used and the processing accuracy of the greased hinge, or the leakage of transparent or black grease sooner or later, it will affect the appearance.

7. What impact does the operating environment have on the hinge of the shower room?

The requirements for hinges are different depending on the use environment. For example, in large public buildings, door frames are used frequently, and generally the size of the door is relatively large, so it is necessary to choose hinges with strong bearing capacity and long service life.

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