How to choose shower room hardware accessories

How to choose shower room hardware accessories

Hello my dear friend, here is Loire Hardware Co., Limited, which has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in shower door hardware. We would like to share with you some related information about the shower door and hardware industry.

Recently, the incident of shower room glass bursting and hurting people is shocking. So how we should do when we choose the products used in the shower room? Most consumers may pay more attention to the main points of safety, and ignore the matching between each product. Today, we will share some details which you should focus on to beautify and make your shower room get away from dangers. So, what problems should you pay attention to when purchasing shower room hardware accessories? Let's find out the points!

A shower room is mainly composed of six parts: glass, aluminum, pulley, hardware accessories, sealing strips, and stone foundation. Shower room accessories include hinges, connectors, glass clamps, knobs, and handles, which are all important parts of the shower room. As blew we will learn from three aspects how to choose the hardware of the shower room.

1. Pay attention to the overall decoration style
The accessories of the shower room, such as common stone foundation, glass, rails, and pulleys, should be better to match the purchased sanitary ware. It is necessary to focus on whether the material and the shape of the shower room conform to the overall decoration style.

2. Choose the right material for different hardware accessories
The commonly used materials of the shower room accessories in the market are brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc alloy. Brass material with chrome plated can prevent oxidation, and it's not easy to fade; stainless steel with chrome-plated is cheaper than brass material but relatively short-lived. Although hardware accessories are small, you must choose high-quality products so as not to replace them in a short time.

3. Check with the coating
Coating treatment is very important for hardware accessories. It is related to product smoothness, and abrasion resistance. A product with a good coating the surface is very flat, while a poor coating will have undulations on it.

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