How to choose the right glass thickness for glass shower door?

How to choose the right glass thickness for glass shower door?

There are many things to consider when buying glass shower doors. The thickness of the glass shower door is one of these factors. How you choose a framed or not framed glass shower doors has a lot to do with  how thick the glass in your shower needs to be.

1. Glass thickness for framed shower door

If you like to use thin glass on the shower door, framed glass doors are the best choice. The frame provides a great deal of structure and stability, protecting the glass. Framed fences allow glass to be thinner than other means. Framed glass shower door can choose 3/16 inch glass thickness, but due to the structural support provided by the frame, it is still very solid and stable.

The relative thinness of the glass will make the framed shower doors more cost-effective and lighter. The disadvantage is that framed shower doors are also more difficult to keep clean.


2. Glass thickness for semi frameless glass shower door

Semi frameless shower door is a good middle zone between framed and frameless shower shower doors. The semi frameless shower doors shall use glass thicker than the framed shower doors. So semi frameless shower doors can choose 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch glass thickness.

Semi frameless glass shower rooms are often cheaper and lighter than frameless glass shower doors, but more expensive and heavier than framed glass shower doors. If you want the stability provided by the frame, but want to make your shower room look more modern, then semi frameless glass shower room is a good choice.

3. Glass thickness for frameless glass shower door

Without a frame, the glass panel itself should contribute to the overall structural integrity of the shower door or enclosure. Therefore, the glass of frameless shower door is often thicker. The minimum thickness of frameless glass is 3/8 inch and the maximum is 1/2 inch. In most cases, 3/8 inch is sufficient to resist normal wear. But if you want a glass door with more weight, presence or strength, then 1/2 inch thickness is the best choice. As the thickness increases, the glass will be heavier and the price will be higher.

Choosing the right shower hardware is also critical to ensure that it supports the weight of the glass shower door. After all, there is no frame to fix the glass panel. For example, choose heavy-duty shower hinges made from high-quality solid brass that can withstand heavier glass thicknesses.

Are you ready to choose your glass shower door? Of course, it's always good to choose thicker glass for your shower door, but remember that this will also increase the price. Not to mention, you need to buy stronger hardware to firmly fix it. Through the above article, I hope to have a better understanding of the glass thickness of your shower door.

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