How to install a frameless shower door

How to install a frameless shower door

Frameless shower door is a good choice for independent shower room. The frameless shower door is made of thick glass, giving people a larger feeling of the bathroom. This type of door is easy to clean and has a watertight seal to keep shower water in the shower room. The shower door installation is a simple process that can be completed in a few hours.

To install a frameless shower door, you may need the following material,
• glass door
• drill bit
• masonry drill bit
• gasket
• masonry anchor
• screwdriver

Cause the glass door you handle is very heavy, so some safety precautions are necessary. If possible, find a partner to help you move the door and put it in the right place. Wear gloves when handling doors in case of glass breakage caused by accidents.

Step 1 - Decide which direction the door can open. A frameless shower door does not have a fixed direction to open. You can choose the direction of opening the door according to the bathroom settings. Make sure you don't hit anything when the door is open.

Step 2 - Install the hinge. Install the glass door on a set of gaskets to raise it to the correct height, and mark the position of the hinge on the tile. Take the door away then use a masonry drill to drill into the tile of the shower wall. After you drill the hole, insert the masonry anchor, connect the hinge with screws to ensure that the hinge remains horizontal.

Step 3 - Carefully lift the frameless shower door in the right position and place it on the hinge. The hinge should be placed in a position where the weight distribution of the whole door is equal, so that it can be connected correctly without coming out of the hinge and hitting the floor. Use a scewdriver to install the hinge into the pre-drilled hole of the frameless shower door.

Step 4 - Install the shower door handle. The shower door handle can be installed in two ways. The first is that there is a pre-drilled hole on the door, and the installation hardware is screwed up with screws. If in the case, insert some silicone into the screw to form a watertight seal before you screw the door.
The second way to use an adhesive that has been bonded to the door handle. Pull off the protective tape and stick it on the door. Once the shower door is installed, clean it well with glass cleaner.

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