How to Keep the Bathroom Clean

How to Keep the Bathroom Clean

The bathroom always needs hot water, so the humidity is often high. If the temperature is higher and higher, it is easy to breed bacteria, which is not only harmful to the health of the family but also easy to damage various sanitary appliances in the bathroom. Therefore, we need to keep the bathroom clean regularly. Let's see how to do this.

1. It's Better to Clean the Shower Faucet once a Week

When using the shower head, it is bound to be contaminated by various bath products. These bath products will reduce the brightness of chrome plating on the faucet surface. At this time, we can use neutral detergent to spray on the soft cotton cloth and then gently wipe the faucet once a week.

In addition, some shower outlet holes are designed as rubber particles. The rubber material is soft and comfortable and is not easy to scale. It is easy to clean. As long as the rubber particles are simply rubbed with fingers, the scale is easily crushed and discharged. Even if some showers have an automatic cleaning function, it is better to open the shower head after a long time of use for thorough manual cleaning.

2. Pay Attention to Dryness during Bath Maintenance

Generally speaking, it is best to clean the bathtub with neutral detergent every week and ensure that the bathtub is dry after each use. Do not leave metal objects in the bathtub, as they will rust and stain the surface of the bathtub. Sodium bicarbonate can also effectively remove dirt.
How To Keep The Bathroom Clean

3. The Faucet should be Waxed Regularly

The bathroom faucet has been used for a long time and gradually loses its luster due to oxidation. At this time, everyone needs to clean the dirt on the surface, but be careful not to use detergents and wipe objects to avoid damaging the polished metal surface. It is better to use the special cleaning agent provided by each brand company, clean the residual cleaning agent with clean water, and then remove the residual water drops on the surface with a wet soft cloth.

As for wiping tools, most green fiber pads or sponges contain mineral particles that will scratch the surface of the faucet. The hard water mark on the faucet can be gently wiped with 50/50 white vinegar and water solution. It is recommended to wax regularly and choose car wax or furniture wax.

4. Avoid Hot Water Washing for Bathroom Basin

When cleaning at ordinary times, the appearance of the bathroom porcelain basin should be cleaned with soft bristles or sponges dipped in a neutral detergent, but do not directly pour hot water for cleaning to avoid cracking the basin. Once the surface of the basin becomes rough due to small scratches, dirt is easy to deposit.

In addition, the water storage elbow under the pool can be removed for maintenance at ordinary times to remove accumulated stains and maintain smooth drainage. If it is a low-embedded washbasin, pay special attention to the dead corner of the joint between the lower surface of the table and the washbasin when cleaning.

These are the precautions in the maintenance of various sanitary wares. If you can pay more attention to these details in daily use, the service life of sanitary ware will naturally be extended a lot.

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