How to remove a hinged shower door?

How to remove a hinged shower door?

There are two basic types of hinged shower doors: doors that are supported and hinged by pivot pins, and doors that are supported and suspended by hinges attached to a frame or panel.

Regardless of the type of shower door you use, in order to remove a hinged shower door, you will need to:

  • * A second person
  • * A towel or draped cloth
  • * A  live ladder
  • * Screwdriver
  • * A thin putty knife
  • * Spray lubricant

To remove a hinged shower door, perform the following steps
  • * Place a rag on the bottom of the shower to protect the surface from the step feet and to prevent any loose screws or parts from falling down the drain.
  • * Open the door halfway so you can approach the hinge and have another person hold it in that position.

1. If you have a hinged shower door in a frame
  • * You may need to remove some of the door frame hardware to access the hinges or pivots that support the door.
  • * If you need to remove part of the frame, remove all screws first and then carefully break the seal with a putty knife.
  • * Do not attempt to pull any attachments from the wall or floor as this may damage the shower surface and cause leaks.

2. If your shower door has pivot pins
  • * Stand on the live ladder and locate the screw that secures the pivot cover to the top of the door. This cover hides and protects the pivot mechanism.
  • * Remove the pivot cover with a screwdriver
  • * In some shower doors, more screws will need to be removed before you can access the pivot pin. Take everything away until you can get to the pins.
  • * Have your partner hold the door steady and slide the pivot post down to release the top of the door
  • * Tilt the top of the door slightly away from the side pillars
  • * Lift the door vertically with your partner and release the bottom pivot pin from its base
  • * Place the door on a padded surface.

3. If your shower door hangs directly on the hinges

If the weight of the door is supported by the hinges rather than the pivot pin, it is best to start at the bottom and work up rather than down so that you have better control of the door. You must have another person hold the door when removing the hinges.

4. If you are replacing a hinged shower door with one of the exact same make and model, perform the following steps
  • * Starting at the bottom, carefully unscrew the hinges from the door. You may need to use a putty knife to break the seal and open the door.
  • * Have your partner support the weight of the door and hold it in place as you reach the top hinge.
  • * Gently pull the door off the hinges from the side to free it.
  • * Place the door on a padded surface.

If you are replacing a hinged shower door with a different make and model, it is best to separate the hinges from the wall or attachment point, not from the door itself. The hinges remain attached to the door when the door is released and moved to one side.

This may be more difficult and require more use of a putty knife to break the seal and release the hinges, but will reduce the chances of the door breaking. As mentioned above, work from the bottom to the top, allowing someone to hold the door steady as you go.


The main task in removing a hinged shower door is to locate the screws that hold the door in place and then remove it. This is a very simple task, made difficult only by the need to keep the door stable and support its weight while removing it. With patience, you can easily remove an old shower door and replace it with a new one, thus improving the look and function of your shower.

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