How to Replace the Hinges of Frameless Shower Door

How to Replace the Hinges of Frameless Shower Door

After a long time of use, you may need to replace the frameless shower door. Moreover, for some types of shower hinges, they will get old and will be corroded over time, which will not only looked bad, but also cause potential safety hazards. Therefore, regular inspection is usually necessary. The replacement of hinges should preferably be done by professionals. However, you can complete this project by yourself if you have basic handyman skills.

However, whether you are looking for professionals or DIY yourself, we hope you can learn more about the correct way to replace the shower door hinge before starting. To ensure that the correct replacement hinges are ordered for the shower. Because there are many kinds of hinges with different sizes for you to choose from.

If you choose to install the shower door hinge yourself, please ensure that there are 2 people to complete this task. Because although it is tempered glass, it still has a chance to cause serious injury. Here are the tools you need to replace the shower hinges: Wood shims, screwdriver, Allen key.

To replace the shower door hinge

  • First of all, you need to remove the sealing strips from the bottom of the shower door and gold the door in place with wooden shims.
  • Next, while someone holds the outside of the hinge, remove the screws from the inside of the hinge plate. Remove the hinge and the old gaskets.
  • Install the new hinge in the same way that the old hinge falls off. Do not forget the gaskets and tighten the screw.
  • Finally, remove the shims and install the sealing strip. That’s the way all you set the new hinges.

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