Introduction to the types of glass doors

Introduction to the types of glass doors

Safety glass door: This type of glass door actually includes tempered glass, bullet-proof glass, laminated glass and laminated glass. It has good lighting, easy to clean, high mechanical strength, good thermal stability, and does not fly away after being broken. It has the characteristics of hurting people, and has certain anti-robbing, anti-theft, and fire-proof effects.

Coated glass door: For this kind of glass door, the coated glass has the one-way penetrating function of the line of sight (the line of sight can only be viewed from the side with the coating to the side without the coating), and at the same time, it can expand the indoor space and field of vision. It has good thermal insulation and sound insulation effect. It can be used on the walls, pillars, corridors, etc. of the building's entrance hall, and can also be used on the exterior walls of hotels, restaurants, restaurants, bars, banks, hospitals and office buildings.

Energy-saving glass door: At present, special technology and coloring are applied to the glass to effectively absorb solar radiation heat and achieve energy-saving effects. Secondly, it absorbs ultraviolet and visible light to prevent ultraviolet rays from affecting the room and soften the light.

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