Overall shower room vs. simple shower room

Overall shower room vs. simple shower room

The overall shower room is generally composed of spray device, shower room body, shower door, top cover, bottom basin or bathtub. The shower door is made of tempered glass, and the bottom cylinder and back plate are generally made of acrylic composite materials. The overall shower room is fully enclosed, with good thermal insulation performance, and there is no need for a bathroom heater even in winter. In addition, the overall shower room is fully functional, and some also have functions such as foot massage, surf massage, FM radio, steam, ventilation, answering calls and other functions. As a fully enclosed show room, it is equipped with an independent drainage pipe, so it wills not wet the floor outside the shower room. Therefore, it can also be used for old houses with construction problems that cause water seepage, temporary buildings without waterproofing, etc.

The disadvantage of the overall shower room is that it is expensive. Moreover, the size of the overall shower room is generally too large, and it is basically not customizable and has poor flexibility. In addition, due to the relatively complex functions, the elderly must be guided by their families, and children generally cannot use it alone.

While simple shower room uses simple material and it’s high cost performance.
Most of the simple shower rooms are made of tempered glass, the frame is made of aluminum alloy, and the bottom basin is made of acrylic composite material or stone platform. The simple shower room is simple in structure and has basically complete bathing functions without more additional functions. However, compared with the overall shower room, the space is relatively independent and concise, with a strong sense of permeability, which does not block the overall tile paving effect of the bathroom. In addition, its price is much lower than the overall shower room, and it has rich styles, which can be customized according to the actual situation of the bathroom. However, the simple shower room has no "roof", so the warmth preservation is not very good.

When choosing a simple shower room, pay attention to the fact that the glass of the room is not the thicker, the better. As the glass thickness of the simple shower room directly affects its overall price, generally speaking, the width of the glass in the sliding open shower room is generally large, so the stability is relatively poor. You can choose the glass with thicker one, while the fan-shaped, diamond shaped, square, movable door, etc. because the glass width is small, the stability is relatively good, so you can choose the glass with not that thick one, without spending more money. In addition, the owner shall still consider the relationship between the opening mode and the actual area.

Which one you wanna pick for your own bathroom? The overall shower room or the simple shower room? Any question, just contact us for more information, Loire is always is always with you.


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