Precautions for sliding glass door

Precautions for sliding glass door

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1. Be sure to clean the glass regularly with liquid detergent or glass cleaner

Did you know that by cleaning the doors regularly, they will not only glitter, but also stay clean for a longer time.

2. Always use PVC cleaner to clean the frame

PVC frames are the most common enclosure structures because they are light and should not fade or corrode. However, some seemingly harmless household detergents contain strong chemicals that may damage the frame. To be cautious, it is best to use warm soapy water or PVC cleaner, which you can buy from any good DIY or hardware store.

3. Ensure that the hinges and rails are free of dust

Dust, dirt and debris can easily accumulate on the track, which will not only cause stickiness, but also damage moving parts. To avoid this, please use the vacuum gap tool to check the area regularly, and then wipe the rest with a wet cloth. Finally, dry the area thoroughly and re lubricate it if necessary.

4. Do not use high-pressure cleaners

Sliding doors cannot really withstand the pressure that portable high-pressure cleaners may explode. Therefore, adhere to hand washing.

5. Do not use sandpaper

The effect of removing stubborn stains on the glass with grinding pad is obvious, but it is easy to scratch the glass or frame. On the contrary, stick to soaking in warm soapy water with a wet cloth, and you will find that most stains can be removed relatively easily.

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