Precautions for Using Shower Room

Precautions for Using Shower Room

After installing the shower room, it does not necessarily mean that everything has been completed. Because all things used require maintenance to avoid violent use. Keep reading if you want to know what precautions to take when using a shower room.

1. The pulley of the shower room should be lubricated.

If a sliding door shower room is installed at home, attention should be paid to the maintenance of its pulley. Two common ways to push and pull a door are a slider and a sliding wheel. Generally, when using it, it is important to gently push the movable door and not use excessive force to cause a frontal collision, otherwise, it may easily cause the door to fall off. In addition, attention should be paid to the pulleys and slides, and lubricants should be added regularly to prevent the sliding door from being difficult to pull. Also, regularly adjust the screws of the slider to prevent loosening and damage!

2. Pay attention to the aluminum alloy frame and hardware.

When cleaning and wiping the door frame and hardware of the shower room, corrosive liquids such as 84 disinfectant should not be used to clean, as this will corrode the shower room frame and cause it to lose its luster; Do not use a rough cloth to wipe, as it may leave scratches and scratches on the shower room; Do not use sharp objects to depict hardware. If your bathroom frame and hardware are made of aluminum alloy material, it is best to use a neutral cleaning agent when cleaning, diluting, and wiping!

3. For tempered glass, aluminum alloy frame materials, ABS backplates, and hardware accessories are generally the same.

Do not use hard objects to strike or collide, and do not use corrosive solutions such as strong acids or alkalis to wipe their surfaces to avoid damaging their glossiness; Do not use a metal wire (steel wire ball) to wipe the surface of these components to avoid scratches. Prevent direct sunlight and exposure, as resin materials and color base powders are generally prone to a "photosensitive reaction" that can cause the color of the spray layer legs.


4. Glass cleaning generally involves rinsing with clean water and regular cleaning with glass water to maintain the smoothness of the glass.

If there is dirt, use a neutral cleaner to wipe it off with a soft cloth, and stubborn stains can be removed with a small amount of alcohol or toothpaste. Avoid wiping with acidic or alkaline solutions. When reinstalling, the water barrier should be removed for cleaning, and the protruding part should be installed on the inside of the door.

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