Shower Room Hardware Finish - Gold Polished (GP)

Shower Room Hardware Finish - Gold Polished (GP)

Loire Hardware Co., Limited which is a professional factory making & developing shower hardware and glass hardware for over 21years. Products range includes shower hinges, door handles, doorknobs, sliding system hardware, glass hardware. 
  1. Gold

As a precious metal, gold has good physical properties. Its color is golden yellow, has a metallic luster, high density, and is difficult to decompose. It has good ductility, can be pressed into a thin foil, and has high heat transfer and conductivity. At the same time, the chemical properties of gold are very stable and have good chemical corrosion resistance. It does not react with oxygen in the air even at high temperatures (except pure oxygen under specific conditions). Gold does not react with oxygen and sulfur at high temperatures. Gold is very precious because it is extremely rare. The mining cost of gold is very high, many physical properties are very good, and it has excellent stability for long-term preservation. These characteristics make gold particularly favored by human society. Therefore, gold has been widely used in various fields, including the jewelry industry, electronics industry, and modern communication.
  1. Gold Plating

Gold is a rare high-value material and the most malleable of all metals. Gold plating is a process of bonding a thin layer of gold to the base metal. Plating is one of the methods of surface treatment of shower hardware. Plating originated in the Egyptians, but it appeared on other metals in the form of hammered films. In the Middle Ages, knife handles or artifacts were coated with a layer of mercury/gold amalgam. The parts are heated to remove the mercury, leaving behind a layer of pure gold. The gold film is polished for a shiny finish. The process was invented in the mid-nineteenth century by Italian chemist Luigi Brugnatelli, who was the first to coat the silver with a thin layer of gold.

Gold plated hardware finishes bring warmth, elegance, and luxury to the bathroom.
  1. Merit:

If the coating is made of real gold, the hardware will not be corroded and will last longer. Gold itself does not oxidize and can resist the effects of high temperature and moisture.
Gold plated hardware is easy to clean. For routine maintenance, just wipe the hardware surface with a wet cloth. If you want to clean more deeply, you can use warm water and soap solution.
From an aesthetic point of view, gold brings a luxurious atmosphere to the bathroom.
  1. Demerit:

It doesn't match well with other metals. This means that the overall tone of the shower room should match its color.
Compared with other surface-treated hardware, the relative price of gold-plated hardware is a little more expensive.

The above are all about a shower room finish chrome Gold Polished, in the next article,  we will continue to talk more finish about shower room hardware. Comments are welcome and let me know what you think.

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