Six Advantages of Tempered Glass for Shower Doors

Six Advantages of Tempered Glass for Shower Doors

Are you decorating or want to update your glass shower door? If so, you may know that your glass shower door is or will likely be made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is the most common safety glass choice for the shower enclosure. Why? Here are six advantages of tempered glass for shower doors.


We all know that the shower area in the bathroom is easy to slip, so it is not easy to break when impacted. Even if it is unfortunately broken, the person standing next to it will not be injured because the fragments of tempered glass are blunt. The fragmentation of tempered safety glass is uniform - no matter how violent the impact is, it will break into small pieces. This feature makes it extremely safe to use in the glass shower door.


Although your tempered glass shower door may break, it is extremely unlikely. Due to the production process of tempered glass, it is four times stronger than ordinary glass. It is durable and can even withstand severe wear and tear. Tempered glass is even used in windows to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Resistance to heat and humidity

The bathroom is a hot and humid place with moisture all day long. Under such conditions, a material that can resist heat and moisture is needed, and its surface effect is maintained year after year. Annealed or float glass panels will crack and break if they are exposed to this condition for a long time. Tempered glass has strong resistance to hot water and moisture.

Scratch resistance

Bathrooms are generally used frequently, although not for a long time. Ordinary glass shower doors and showers cannot withstand scratches for a long time. However, tempered glass can effectively resist scratches or any other type of material damage that may result from daily wear.


The tempered glass shower door can be bent any size, making it highly customizable. It can also have many patterns and designs, bringing the aesthetic appeal to the shower enclosure. Whether it is a shower door or a partition, tempered glass can meet the unique style of your bathroom.

Easy to clean

Tempered glass has an anti-fouling ability and is easy to clean. With tempered glass, your glass shower door will keep a new look in the next few years.


In general, tempered glass is the best choice for your glass shower door. It is safe, durable, heat resistant, moisture resistant, widely used, and easy to clean. If you are shopping for shower doors or shower room hardware, please visit our website or leave us a message.

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