Sliding Shower Doors Vs Swing Shower Doors

Sliding Shower Doors Vs Swing Shower Doors

Choose a sliding or swinging shower door - it depends on what is most important to you -- style, function, or cleaning convenience. If you want a fashionable and modern appearance, a sliding glass shower door is your choice. And a swing shower door is the best choice if you want a traditional appearance. Read on to learn about the benefits of sliding and swinging shower doors.

Sliding Shower Doors

The sliding glass shower door has a traditional and modern appearance, which is a good choice for those homeowners who want a more spacious shower room. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Save space. A sliding glass shower door is an excellent choice for a small bathroom. This is because sliding shower doors do not open outwards, so they do not take up the valuable space you need when you have a small bathroom.
The towel handle has a storage function. The handle of the sliding glass shower door can be used as a handle and can also be used as a towel rack to hang the bathroom towel. The length of a handle usually spans one side of a door.

It has good sealing performance. Because the sliding glass shower doors are connected to your existing shower wall, they have more "sealing". At the same time, because the doors do not open outwards, you do not have to worry that the water on the doors will drop to the floor, which means you will spend less time mopping the floor.

Swing Shower Doors

The swing shower door has a classic look that many homeowners like. They are also very easy to clean because there is no glass to absorb dirt and debris.

The swing shower door occupies less space than the frameless or sliding glass shower door, so it is a good choice for a small bathroom.

No matter what type of shower door you choose, you can be sure it will add value and beauty to your family. Of course, when considering the glass shower door, it is also very important to consider selecting the hardware supplier of the glass shower door.


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