Steps to Remove the Shower Door and the Frame

Steps to Remove the Shower Door and the Frame

Shower door is a good choice as shower curtain. However, it is a little complicated to disassemble them. When your shower doors need to be thoroughly cleaned or damaged, you need to use safe and special techniques to remove them. The shower door is made of tempered glass, which may break, so please wear gloves and use it carefully. The following will share with you the steps on how to remove the shower door and how to remove the frame.

Step 1 - Remove the Mobile Shower Door

This is the simplest step, because removing the shower door from the door frame is a simple process. Observe the slide rail, which is aluminum, and the edge facing the interior of the bathroom is shorter than the other side. Install the bracket on the bottom guide rail and loosen the screws that support the bracket. The top of the shower door has rollers that allow the door to slide along the rails. The secret to opening the shower door is to stand in the shower and wear gloves. These textured gloves will help you hold the glass and prevent it from falling off. Grasp the door closest to you from both ends and lift it. The door should be off track. Carefully tilt the bottom of the bathroom towards yourself, and then lower your body to tilt the bathroom door.

Step 2 - Remove the Second Shower Door

If your shower room has two doors that can be moved, you can move the second door as you move the first door. However, if you are facing a moving door and a fixed door, you will need to use different techniques to remove it. Look at the wall with the door. You will see the caulking. You can confirm the screws fixing the bracket by observing and remove them from the frame. You can remove this part by lifting and tilting it as on the first door, or you must slide it to the open part of the track.

Step 3 - Remove the Frame

There is an aluminum plate at the top, bottom and side of the movable door. These sheets are usually filled with filler and then placed on the edge of the glass. Slide the tool between glass and metal and move it along the edges of both sides. Now gently push the metal out of the glass with a rubber hammer. Once released, you can remove them by hand.
The above is the step to deal remove the shower door and the frame. I hope it can help you.


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