The advantages and disadvantages of opening the shower door inward

The advantages and disadvantages of opening the shower door inward

Should the door of the shower room open inward or outward? Or what are their advantages and disadvantages? Today we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of opening the shower door inward first.


1. The design of some shower rooms is not made of transparent glass door materials, but a small compartment separated by a partition wall. If people take a bath in it, and the shower door forgot to lock, then if a family member opens it rashly, that is, open it outward, and the inside is unobstructed, which is very embarrassing. If it is pushed inward, it can give people reaction and avoid a embarrassment. And the door can also be used as a shelter, so it can also achieve the effect of protecting privacy.

2. Convenience. Opening inward is basically a conditioned reflex for people when opening a door in indoor activities, that is, to deal with the conditioned reflex of the swing door. It is very convenient and easy this action. But if it is opened outward, it is relatively rigid, especially when it is just used, it will be very uncomfortable to open the door in this way.


If the bathroom space itself is small and you still open the shower door inward, it will be troublesome for people to squeeze in. If there is also a bathtub in the shower room, then the door that opens inward will lose its usefulness at all. In contrast, opening outward perfectly resolves the embarrassing situation of limitations in the use of space.

In short, whether the shower door open inward and outward they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Which is the best way for you it all depends on your needs and your current bathroom decoration. If you want to create a stylish shower room, but do not know what you need, contact Loire to make your dream shower space come true.


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