The essential guide to choose a shower room

The essential guide to choose a shower room

To make a comfortable bathroom, we need to plan the space reasonably and separate dry and wet areas. The shower room is one of the indispensable parts in home decoration. It can beautify the bathroom environment and can also achieve the effect of separation of dry and wet areas. But shower rooms have various shapes, such as square, arc, and diamond shape that we usually see. And in long and narrow bathrooms, in-line shower room is a good choice to make good use of space. Today, let's take a look at the comparison of different shower room designs. After that, you can see which one is more suitable for your house type.

1. In-line shower room

Many people want to build up a in-line shower room because the shower area of most families is located deeply in the bathroom, occupying the entire wall. So it just needs a piece of tempered glass is installed as a partition, and added with a stone foundation or sealing strips, it can achieve dry and wet separation. It doesn’t need too much space, and it’s affordable and great practicability.

2. Square shower room

The square shower room is more common in life. It uses the right angles of the two walls to make a square area and uses it as the shower room space. The advantage is that there is ample interior space, so we can stretch freely without the oppressive feeling of space limitation. Compared with other shaped shower enclosures, it’s easier to clean. The disadvantage is that it occupies a large space, which is more suitable for bathrooms with larger areas, and the layout should be square.

3. Diamond-shaped shower room

If the bathroom area is limited, you can choose a diamond-shaped shower room. The diamond-shaped shower room, which only occupies a corner of the wall. It is designed to allow people to use the interior space comfortably and to easily solve the limited space problem of the bathroom.
The diamond-shaped shower room can open the door in the middle, which is a practical and comfortable type of shower room on the basis of ensuring sufficient space inside the shower room and avoiding sharp corners outside the shower room. At the same time, the toilet, shower room and wash basin can be reasonably distributed in a triangle.

4. Arc shower room

The arc shape is also considered a variant of the square shower room, which is more suitable for the aged at home. Because they will not be bumped. However, due to the inconvenience of opening and closing design of the door, it is relatively rare to use in ordinary home decoration. And also the relatively irregular shapes design is not very friendly to be used in small space bathrooms.

Finally, according to different house types, what kind of shower room are you going to install in your bathroom?

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