The Latest Trends in Finishes for Shower Glass Doors

The Latest Trends in Finishes for Shower Glass Doors

Choosing finishes for your shower glass enclosure is a very important process. So what are the most popular finishes for hardware at the moment? Read on to find out about the most popular hardware finishes today.

1. Satin Brass

This finish is a softer version of brass with tiny lines that give it a worn look and a low gloss finish. This finish has a matt, smooth appearance and is not as shiny as polished brass. Because it does not shine, fingerprints and water stains do not show up as they do on polished brass. Satin brass looks beautiful when used with contemporary or modern decorative styles.

2. Gun Metal

A trendy "dark tone" finish is in line with current trends. This finish is very dark and masculine, with a considerable amount of shine. It is a little lighter than black and appears to be a very dark 'steel' colour. This finish goes well with warm or cool colors.

3. Satin Gold

Satin gold is neither shiny nor reflective - its velvety appearance will enhance the edges and character lines of any surface. Where a modern look is desired, satin gold is highly recommended.
The Latest Trends in Finishes For Shower Glass Doors

4. Gold Plated

This is a very shiny, glossy gold colour similar to polished brass. However, gilding is darker and richer than polished brass. This colour works best with warm colors

5. White

This finish is pure white and looks very clean, crisp and easy to keep clean. This colour goes well with warm or cool colors.

6. Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil rubbed bronze finishes are very rustic and dark. If you want a Mediterranean or traditional bathroom style, oil rubbed bronze hardware would be the perfect hardware finish. Oil-rubbed bronze is very durable, and the surface doesn't really show water spots or fingerprints, so it's easy to keep clean.

The above are the most popular hardware finishes available at the moment. At Loire Hardware Factory, we offer a wide range of finishes for glass shower door hardware to suit any style. All finishes are manufactured to the highest quality standards, which means that your shower will last longer and enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

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