Thermostatic Faucet in Bathroom: All You Need To Know

Thermostatic Faucet in Bathroom: All You Need To Know

At present, the most popular bathroom faucet on the market is the thermostatic faucet. Compared with ordinary faucets, what are the advantages and disadvantages of thermostatic faucets? If you are interested in these, let's get to know them together.

Advantages of Shower Thermostatic Faucet

  1. The thermostatic faucet also has the function of automatic water cut-off protection. When the set temperature is lower than 38 ℃, whether the cold water or hot water supply line is cut off due to fault, the thermostatic tap will automatically stop working, effectively preventing scalding and cold shock accidents.
  1. Automatic constant temperature, with the constant initial set temperature. As long as it is set once, it is unnecessary to set the temperature after each switch, which is especially convenient for children and the elderly.
Thermostatic Faucet in Bathroom
Thermostatic Faucet in Bathroom

Disadvantages of Shower Thermostatic Faucet

  1. The check valve is easy to age. The thermostatic faucets produced in many factories are made of plastic. The check valve is always under pressure and temperature, so its plastic is easy to age and damage. The life expectancy is less than two years.
  1. High water quality requirements. If the water quality is very poor, the piston valve element is easy to be blocked, leading to the failure of constant temperature.
  1. The water pressure shall be 0.1~0.5 mpa. Suppose the water pressure of a thermostatic faucet has certain requirements. In that case, it is generally required to be between 0.1 and 0.5 trillion pa, and the pressure difference between cold water and hot water cannot be too large. If the hot water pressure of the thermostatic faucet is less than 0.05, it is recommended not to buy a thermostatic faucet.

If you are renovating or renovating your bathroom and plan to purchase a thermostatic faucet in the bathroom, you can first refer to this article's summary of the advantages and disadvantages of thermostatic faucets in the bathroom.

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