Tips for Changing Shower Faucets Yourself

Tips for Changing Shower Faucets Yourself

Changing the shower faucet is one of the simplest home improvement projects to do by yourself. The process of replacing a new shower faucet includes buying a new faucet, removing the existing faucet, fixing them in place with a plumber's wrench and plumber's tape, and testing the connection to check for water leakage. This type of project can be completed in a few hours on weekends without expert training or skills.

In order to change your shower faucet more smoothly, you need the following tools and materials, as well as the steps and processes described below.


  1. Buying Replacement Shower Faucets

You will need to go to a kitchen and bath center in a home improvement shop to choose to replace shower faucet for your bathroom. In the kitchen and bath center, you can choose different styles and types of shower faucets, which are available for purchase. Choose shower faucet that is most suitable for your current bathroom decoration.

In the case of double bath and shower, find a bathtub and shower faucet with shower diverter valve.
  1. Removing the Old Shower Faucet

Before you start removing the existing shower faucet to replace the new one, close the water valve, which will prevent any water from exploding. After installation, please remember to reopen the valve to test the installation of the new shower faucet.

Use a plumber's wrench to remove the existing shower faucet. Using mild pressure, turn the faucet counterclockwise to remove it from the drain. Once you turn on the tap with the plumber's wrench, you should be able to unscrew it by hand. Check the threads on the drain to make sure they are not stripped or damaged in any way.
  1. Putting the New Shower Faucet on the Drain

Take the old shower faucet out of the drain pipe and put the new shower faucet on it. Apply plumber's tape to the threads of the drain to provide additional sealing. Turn the shower faucet clockwise and continue to do so until the shower faucet is in an upright and secure position. Open the water valve to let the water flow and check whether there is leakage. If there are no leaks, you have completed the replacement of the shower faucet.

The above is the tips for changing the shower faucet. I hope it can help you after reading the article.

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