Tips for Shower Room Pulley Installation

Tips for Shower Room Pulley Installation

Families who have installed shower rooms think they are no stranger to pulleys. But if some families want to install the pulley of the shower room by themselves at home, how should they do it?

1. Installation classification of pulley in shower room

1.1 Large flat wheel and single wheel of shower room, large hanging wheel of sliding door, pulley of shower room and wheel of shower room.

1.2 Alloy wheels, shower trailer wheels, shower room pulleys, shower room accessories, rollers.

1.3 Spring swing single wheel, shower wheel, shower pulley.

1.4 Plastic eccentric pulley, sliding door wheel, arc glass shower wheel and small hanging wheel of sliding door.

1.5 Shower room pulley old round bathroom sliding glass pulley single wheel hanging wheel large bearing eccentric wheel accessories.

2. Pulley installation method

2.1 Place the stone foundation in the installation position, place the lower guide rail in the middle of the stone foundation, and then install the left and right fixed glass. Then install side members on both sides. When installing the edge material, the aluminum plug shall be stuck in the upper and lower parts, and then the upper and lower guide rails and edge material shall be locked with 4 * 35 screws.

2.2 Left and right edge materials sandwiched with aluminum on the wall. The shower room frame assembly is made of stone placed under the foundation in the middle. After adjusting the position, mark aluminum material depends on the pencil opening on the wall; Mark on the wall, drill with pneumatic drill, hammer green expansion glue, and use rubber hammer on the wall; Move and assemble the shower rack to the stone base, lock the screws, and install the decorative screw cover.

2.3 Install the pulley. Install the movable glass hanger, and the upper pulley is installed on the upper guide rail.

2.4 Install the sliding wheel on the sliding door glass. First, the pulley is installed on the sliding door glass. Since the pulley can be adjusted, after installing the pulley, press the adjustment button to clamp the pulley into the lower track, install the magnetic strip and water bar, and install the handle on the movable door glass.

The above is the tips for installing the shower room pulley. I hope it can help you after reading the article.


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