What are the big trends in shower doors?

What are the big trends in shower doors?

A shower door is a hinged or sliding door that encloses a shower area, typically made of glass or plastic. It is used to prevent water from splashing out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor. 

There are so many owners want to install shower doors at home because if its aesthetic appeal, easy maintenance reason, durability, water containment, and increased home value. But do you know the big trends of the shower doors? Let’s check them out.

Some of the big trends for shower doors include:
  1. Frameless shower doors: One of the big trends in shower doors is the use of frameless glass. These are popular for their sleek, modern look and easy maintenance. It can also make a bathroom feel more spacious.
  1. Barn-style sliding doors: These are a trendy alternative to traditional swinging shower doors, and are often used in farmhouse-style or rustic bathrooms.
  1. Black or bronze hardware: These finishes are gaining popularity for shower doors, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the bathroom.
  1. Textured or patterned glass: Frosted or etched glass, as well as glass with decorative patterns, are popular for shower doors as they provide both privacy and visual interest.
  1. Minimalist hardware: Many modern shower doors feature slim, unobtrusive hardware for a minimalist look.

Other popular trends include installing multiple showerheads and body sprays for a luxurious shower experience, and incorporating technology such as touchless controls or waterproof speakers.

Above are the trends of shower doors. If you still have other questions, contact Loire for more information. Loire is a glass door factory located in Foshan, specializing in shower door hardware with over 20 years of manufacturing experience. We hope you can make your dream shower door come into reality here with us.

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