What is a Good Door Handle?

What is a Good Door Handle?

The door handle is like an "arm" attached to each door. Good quality, good style door handles, not only easy to use, but also on the overall beauty of the shower door has a devastating impact. Conversely, poor door handle material can affect the use of shower doors.

Showers are usually better used. As for style and color, it should be combined with the whole decoration style style. Consumers can choose according to their personal preferences.

1. By material: zinc alloy handle, copper handle, iron handle, aluminum handle, wood handle, ceramic handle, plastic handle, crystal handle, stainless steel handle, marble handle and so on.

2. By shape: round tube, square tube, strip, spherical and various geometric shapes;

3. By style: single head, double head, exposed, coarse, etc.

4. By style: avant-garde, casual, nostalgic (e.g. rope or hanging beads);

5 By use: home clothes handle, industrial handle, luggage cabinet handle

Some small factories choose inexpensive stainless steel materials that do not meet the standards and contain abscesses. The finished handle will inevitably have blisters (poor quality), rough surface, soon after installation will rust, not suitable for customers.  It's irresponsible for customers.

Stainless steel handle surface treatment has sand, medium sand (half sand), wire, light. The surface treatment of the handle is particularly important. First, the quality of the handle is studied from the perspective of surface treatment. A good handle should be polished evenly from beginning to end, with a relatively dim gloss. The semi-sand dividing line at the intersection of light and sand should be straight, if the twisting line is obviously defective.

In the absence of illumination, the lighting surface treatment must not show signs of bumps or lack of brightness. The light emitted by a good handle should reflect light like a mirror, bright and transparent, without any imperfections. Of particular importance is that wrist surface treatment can not lift sand holes, cloak is even more unacceptable. On the one hand, it depends on the quality of raw materials, on the other hand, it depends on whether the treatment of polishing workers is effective.

The handle welding part (especially the foot part) should be firm and reliable, cutting and welding easy to shorten the life of the handle.

At the moment, there are many illegal manufacturers shoddy goods for quality goods, with cement or iron or sand to fill the handle tube, giving a heavy feeling of deceiving consumers.

How do I distinguish between these inferior handles?

We can distinguish it from sound (with a hard light and a small buckle handle tube), the handle of the thick tube is brittle, and the tube is more troublesome. The first can be distinguished from the feeling. Thin handle tubes heat up quickly, hands quickly fill up with temperature, and handles thick enough to be cold for a while.

Where the limbs are pulled should be closely connected to the pipe, and the cracks are not necessarily the same. This is the skill of learning a master to pull his limbs. haven't said yet. To check whether the handle is straight, it is best to place the handle on the entire glass, except for the naked eye and ruler. If there are signs of ups and downs shaking on both sides of the touch handle, the handle is not enough and needs to be improved. A good handle should feel the line still and straight.

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