What Is The Difference Between Swinging, Sliding, Or Swing Shower Doors

What Is The Difference Between Swinging, Sliding, Or Swing Shower Doors

When planning a bathroom renovation or replacing the shower door, you need to understand the difference between sliding, swinging, and rotating the shower door. These three types of glass shower doors are very beautiful and can bring the latest freshness to your bathroom.

The choice between different types of shower doors depends on function and style preferences. To help you choose the best solution for your bathroom, the following is the difference between the revolving door, sliding door, and swing door of the shower room.

Pivot Shower Door

The main difference between the glass revolving shower door and the hinged door is that the revolving shower door is opened and closed by rotating on the revolving shaft. They swing in a similar way to hinged doors, but because the pivot point is not at the end edge of the door when opened, they reduce the distance that the door invades other parts of the bathroom.

Therefore, the rotary shower door is the best choice for the space where the small bathroom or traditional door may be blocked by other devices. Like other glass shower doors, pivot shower doors also have a variety of beautiful glass textures, including transparent, opaque, rainy, and narrow reeds, which is a perfect choice for bringing a new look to your bathroom.

Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding Shower Door

The traditional push-pull shower door slides horizontally on the track. Modern sliding glass shower doors come in a variety of styles, including barn door sliding shower doors. These beautiful shower doors are an excellent choice for the bathtub and shower room combination. They are also suitable for independent shower rooms without enough space. They can be opened like hinged or rotary shower doors.

Swing shower door

The hinged swing shower door has two solid hinges near the top and bottom of the vertical edge of the glass door. Generally, the hinged door should be opened at least 90 degrees outward, creating a wider space in the shower room. Because the hinge is located at the side of the door, the thick glass swing shower door has the attraction of a frameless and seamless appearance, which is particularly conducive to modern aesthetics.

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