What is the standard for a good swing shower room?

What is the standard for a good swing shower room?

With the improvement of modern living standards, people's requirements for bathrooms have risen from basic physiological functions to spiritual needs. Having a bathroom with dry and wet separated areas has become a symbol of quality of life.

The style of the swing door is relatively transparent and simple, which has become the choice of many people, especially favored by hotels. The swing door shower room is widely recognized by art public spaces and star hotels.

Today, let me tell you a good standard for a swing door shower room.
The most important parts of a swing door shower room is the hinge, so there are high requirements on the technology, structure and materials of the hinge. The hinge of the shower room in the market is mainly divided into rotating shaft hinge and spring hinge. Many shower room brands basically use spring hinges which can be opened inside and outside. The most important thing for consumers to buy a shower room is the safety performance. If the shower room they buy becomes a time bomb at home, wouldn’t it put the bath in danger every minute? The swing door shower rooms with rotary pumping, with strong bearing capacity, stable swing doors and high safety factor.

In addition to safety, waterproof function also plays an important role in the shower room. It should consider that if the joint between the hinge and the rubber strip is sealed enough. For example, the swing shaft hinge is used in the swing shower room, the gap between the movable door and the fixed glass is sealed from top to bottom by the whole organ rubber strip to achieve no leakage.

In terms of material selection, 304 stainless steel is selected for accessories. Compared with the zinc alloy, space aluminum, they are prone to oxidation, blackening in the humid environment, affecting the beauty and poor load-bearing performance. The stainless steel material in the shower room has stronger corrosion resistance, durability and safety.

A good swing door shower room can not be separated from the cooperation of glass, metal fittings and sealing strips. It can meet the requirements only if it is safe, waterproof, beautiful and comfortable.

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