What should we consider when choosing a shower room?

What should we consider when choosing a shower room?

Nowadays, shower rooms are basically the standard bathroom configuration of every family. With the popularization of shower room, shower rooms of different categories, quality and styles are emerging. When installing shower room, space size, living needs, safety issues, etc. should be considered, especially the self-explosion problem of the glass shower door. Today, let’s check why does the glass door will explode. What we can do to reduce the probability of glass shower door explosion. And how to choose a shower room.

1. What are the reasons for the self-explosion of the glass shower door?

(1). From the perspective of the environment, the temperature change of the bathroom space will have a certain impact on the glass structure of the shower room. The temperature change will make the internal pressure stress of the glass locally uneven, which will cause cracking.

(2). In terms of installation, the correct size was not planned during installation. If the installation is too tight and the specification is inappropriate, the internal stress of the glass will change then cause cracking.

(3). From the point of view of usage, when the shower glass door is cracked, there will be external force factors, including impact, extrusion, etc.

(4). From the perspective of material, the glass material of the inferior shower room may be non-tempered or inferior tempered glass. The probability of blasting of inferior shower room will be higher than that of high-quality shower room.

2. How to reduce the probability of glass shower door explosion in daily life?

(1). Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install and use, and remember to let professional personnel install it.

(2). In the process of opening and closing the shower door, be careful to avoid collision.

(3). Regularly check whether the movable door is normal and whether there is settlement; whether the sealing of the sealing strip is good.

3. How to choose a shower room?

(1). Distinguish whether the hardware of the shower room has uniform luster and intact appearance.

(2). Check whether there is a national standard mark of the glass door. In addition, you can ask the store for the quality inspection report issued by the professional quality inspection institution as a reference.

(3). Experience the opening and closing strength and width of the shower room in the offline store.

(4). Try to choose brands with good reputation. Besides quality assurance, there is also complete after-sales service.


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