What type of shower room is suitable for you?

What type of shower room is suitable for you?

There are many types of shower rooms in shape and design, which can meet different styles and needs. Learn more about the types of shower rooms in this required guide, and choose the right type of shower room for your bathroom.

1. Quadrangle shower door

The quadrangle shower door is a popular enclosure style, and its front is partially circular. This style is very suitable for small bathrooms because it takes up limited space. Sometimes, the bathroom has an unusual layout, which becomes a challenge in home decoration projects. The quadrangle shower room is the ideal solution. It can be applied to narrow corners without affecting style and comfort.

2. Square shower room

The square shower room is fashionable and modern without occupying too much space. Because the shape is a perfect square, you have more choices for doors and frames. The square shower room can be installed on any flat wall. If your space is small, don't worry. This type of shower room can also be close to the bathtub.

3. Rectangular shower door

If you want more space, choose the enclosure of the rectangular shower room. Your shower room has no curved glass doors but two or three glass walls, which is a completely rectangular design. There are many advantages to choosing a rectangular shower room. They include additional shower space, no size restrictions, and a complete selection of doors and frames. For a more relaxed shower experience, the rectangular shower room is suitable for you.

4. Hinged shower door

Hinged glass shower doors are a popular choice because they can swing outward to open. This creates a large opening and a safe entrance for parents, the elderly or people with disabilities. They are also easier to clean and maintain and provide a simple aesthetic feeling for any style of bathroom. The hinged shower door is a perfect choice if you have enough space.

5. Sliding shower room

Choose a sliding door if your bathroom does not have room for a hinged shower door. Sliding doors can save space and create the illusion of more space. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Even better, they prevent water from spilling onto your tiled floor. Sliding doors can be customized to any shape and size, which is affordable for homeowners who insist on tight budgets.

6. Walk-in shower

The walk-in shower allows you to walk directly in, avoiding the awkward process of stepping into the bathtub. The walk-in shower room is a popular design choice for the master suite because they have a little luxury and create a spacious shelter.

7. Tub Enclosure

For people with children, having a bathtub is essential. As they grow up, they can choose to take a bath or shower. One of the many disadvantages of having a bath/shower combination is the use of shower curtains. With the glass bathtub fence, you won't have to worry about mildew.

8. Frameless shower enclosure

In recent years, more and more people have chosen to invest in frameless shower rooms. This is because the frameless shower room has many advantages. They allow natural and artificial light to flow into space and improve visibility. The frameless shower door can make the space feel larger. In addition, the possibility of mildew is relatively little. Last but not least, they are easier to clean and have any size or shape.

The type of shower room you choose should suit your space, match your style, and have all the functions you need.

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