Where Those Bathroom Hardware Pendant You Should Install

Where Those Bathroom Hardware Pendant You Should Install

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In the process of bathroom decoration, everyone will pay attention to bathtub, toilet and other large sanitary ware. In fact, small hardware accessories have more daily contact, and their installation also needs attention. If installed in a poor position, it is easy to rust and corrosion. Now let's introduce the common bathroom hardware pendant and how to choose the appropriate installation position for your reference.

1.Bath Towel Rack, Towel Rack

Bath towel rack and towel rack should be installed next to the hand-held shower. At the same time, the height of clothes on the bath towel rack that are not easy to be wet by water should be considered.

After the installation of the bathtub is completed, it is best to install the bath towel rack next to the 1.8m high place, so that it is easy to get the bath towel after taking a bath. If the glass shower room is installed, you can choose to install the bath towel rack outside or inside the shower room.

The installation position of towel rack, do not worry about waterproof. The installation height is recommended to be 1.5m above the ground and pay attention to hygiene.

round tube shower support bars

2.Bathroom Hardware Pendant Clothes Hook

If the bathroom is large, it can be installed behind the bathroom door. If the bathroom is small, it is more suitable to install it on the outer wall of the bathroom. It is recommended to be 1.7m above the ground.

3.Installation Position of Bathroom Hardware Pendant Cup Holder

The cup holder should preferably be installed on the walls on both sides of the washboard and keep level with the dresser.

4.Tissue Box and Tissue Holder

Of course, it is installed next to the toilet and is easier to get up. If it is a paper towel rack, pay attention to the waterproof model, and the installation height is generally 0.6m from the ground.

5.Soap Rack

Soap is recommended to be installed on the side of the wash basin, aligned with the bathroom cabinet, and can be combined with the cup holder. It can also be installed next to the shower so that it can be easily obtained when taking a bath.

6.Installation Position of Toilet Brush

It shall be installed behind the toilet and on both sides of the paper frame. The bottom of the toilet brush cup shall be about 12cm away from the ground.

7.Installation Position of Layer Shelf

A single-layer shelf is installed between the washbasin and the bathroom mirror, 30cm away from the washbasin. Multi layer storage rack can be installed at 140cm high on both sides of the washbasin.

Tips: we have illustrated the installation of bathroom hardware pendant from the perspective of hygiene, convenience, waterproof and beauty, and introduced the best installation position of bathroom pendant for your reference only. In the process of decoration, we should choose the appropriate installation position in combination with reality.

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