Which Shower Curtain Rod is Right for Your Shower Room

Which Shower Curtain Rod is Right for Your Shower Room

Are you looking for the best shower rod? If you are renovating your shower room, you may find it necessary to replace the old shower rod with a different type of shower rod. Shower rods come in various shapes, styles and lengths to meet various types of needs. First of all, to find out which type of shower rod is suitable for you. Below, we provide different types of shower rods for your reference.
  1. Standard Straight Shower Rod

A straight shower bar permanently fixed between two opposite walls.
  1. Curved Shower Rod

This is basically a straight shower rod, slightly bent outward. The curvature of the rod moves the central part of the curtain outward a little, providing more elbow space for the bather, which makes it a good consideration for use in narrow bathtubs and showers. Curved bars can be ordered as single or double bars (two curved bars side by side). The latter type allows the liner to be suspended inside and the shower curtain to be suspended outside. A double deck shower is particularly useful in the curbless-style shower to help control the water in the compartment.
  1. Telescoping Pivoting Shower Rod

This is a long and straight shower curtain rod, which is hinged to a wall. It can be shortened and extended as needed, so it is a telescopic part. The hinge allows the curtain to swing back and forth to facilitate the access of users or nursing staff.
  1. L-Shaped Shower Rod

This is a way of "installing a shower in the corner of the bathroom" or "installing a shower in the corner of the bathroom".
  1. U-Shaped and D-Shaped Shower Rods

The name says everything again. These rods are shaped like the letters "U" and "d". They can be attached to walls and / or ceilings, and are most commonly used to create a simple shower where there was no shower before, or to install a shower in a small bathroom.
  1. Track-Style Rods

Some shower rods are specially designed with a track at the bottom that extends along the bottom of the rod. This track has a built-in hook to fix the shower curtain, which slides back and forth along the track on the wheel. Rail rods can be found in all types and styles, from straight rods to L-shaped, U-shaped, and so on. The models equipped with metal rails and metal hooks have longer service life and better sliding performance than those equipped with plastic rails and plastic hooks. Some rails are even designed to be fixed directly to the ceiling rather than to the shower bar. If you choose to install a track connected to the ceiling, it is necessary to buy a longer shower curtain.

The above are the regular type of curtain robs. Hope this article can bring you some help to choose the right grab bar.

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