Why Use Tempered Glass For Shower Doors?

Why Use Tempered Glass For Shower Doors?

You may have heard of tempered glass, as it is found everywhere in everyday life and can be used for shower doors, car windows etc. But what exactly is tempered glass? Why do you use tempered glass for shower doors? Read on to find out more about this popular safety glass.

What Is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is manufactured by heating standard annealed glass uniformly to 700°C in a furnace or industrial oven and then cooling it immediately. This causes the glass panes to exceed their transmission temperature, which softens them. As a result, the outer layer of the glass sheet cools more quickly, while the inner layer remains hot. This process changes the physical properties of the glass sheet, resulting in a central tension. This process is known as thermal or thermal tempering, and it makes standard sheets of annealed glass stronger.

Tempered glass is at least four to five times stronger than annealed glass and can withstand temperature differences and harsh weather conditions very well. However, tempered glass cannot be cut or drilled after it has been thermally toughened. Annealed glass panes are therefore cut to size or bent to the required shape prior to thermal tempering. Once the glass panes have been heat-tempered, they cannot be reworked.

Why Use Tempered Glass For Shower Doors?

Shower doors with tempered glass are strong and durable, which is why the glass is tempered for shower doors.

In addition, tempered glass provides greater safety if you slip and fall in the shower. For starters, tempered shower doors are impact resistant, so they are less likely to break if you fall or bump into them. However, even if you break a shower door, there will only be left with tiny, non-jagged pieces because tempering changes the properties of the glass. If it breaks, it will shatter into small pieces rather than shards. Therefore, shower doors with toughened glass are safer.

Another benefit is that tempered glass is more heat resistant than traditional flat glass, which adds the benefit of insulating the heat in the shower for optimum comfort. Tempered glass can still be tinted or decorated after treatment, which means you can still get the look you want and still retain safety for your shower glass.


The article above briefly describes what toughened glass is and why bathrooms use toughened glass for bathroom doors. In conclusion, toughened glass is widely used in the shower room sector due to its better strength, durability and safety. Feel free to contact us for any requirements for glass door hardware for shower rooms.

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