3 Tips on Mixing Bathroom Hardware Finishes

3 Tips on Mixing Bathroom Hardware Finishes

Is it OK to mix hardware finishes in the bathroom? Indeed, keeping all bathroom hardware finishes the same color is certainly a wise design decision, but this is not a rule! The time when people only insisted on one color and style for all hardware has passed.

The surface treatment of mixed bathroom hardware can create a more delicate appearance and make your bathroom space more three-dimensional. However, how to mix hardware finishes is key. Therefore, here are some tips to follow.

1. Use no more than 3 types of hardware finishes

When mixing and matching, you can't simply put all the metal in one room, especially in an enclosed area such as a bathroom. Therefore, the best way is to choose a dominant metal finish. If there are more than 3 kinds of hardware finishes in the bathroom, the bathroom will look disorderly. Using a repetitive finish in the bathroom helps to tie the whole design together.


2. Mix warm color and cold color hardware

Mix warm color hardware with cold color hardware. Hardware colors can be divided into warm colors and cold colors. Warm metal refers to brass, gold, copper and oil-polished bronze. The cold-tinted metals are chromium, stainless steel, nickel and black. This creates a beautiful balance that complements rather than competes with each other. For example: brass+stainless steel; Chrome+black, brass+black, nickel+black, nickel+brass, etc.

3. Keep the uniformity of hardware finish on one plane

When placing mixed metal in the bathroom, make sure everything is in a vertical or horizontal plane. For example, on the vertical shower wall, the shower head and handle are all brushed brass. The hooks on the adjacent walls have the same brushed brass finish.

Mixed hardware surface treatment is an art. You need to know what looks good and what looks bad. In the final analysis, this is to create a space with visual appeal and avoid disorder. In a word, following the above rules can bring everyone's enviable appearance to your bathroom.

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